Saturday, January 29, 2011

Check List for Late Winter

There are several things that need to be done over the next three to four weeks. Planning now will help space out work over a reasonable amount of time.  The items on this list are time sensitive and very necessary for spring fruit set, and prevention of disease.

The following schedule will give good general guidelines to plan your late winter preparations.  Keep in mind that this is for Zone 5 people.  Lower zones will bump all of this back at least two to three weeks. In the case of warmer climates you could be gardening already (For my readers in Malaysia - Wow you probably garden tomatoes all year?)

NOW:  Water all trees and shrubs.   Slow soak as soon as possible whenever weather permits.

February 1-15   Dormant fruit tree spray.  Get good coverage top to bottom and around the entire tree.  Apply according to the directions on the label.

February 7-20  Phosphorus application.

February 20-March 5   Fruit tree prune.  Each tree has it's own needs.  Here are two articles to help with some guidelines and instructions on how to prune:

Cherries and Pears just need to be opened up so that air will penetrate the canopy.  Take out about one third of the inner branches.

March 1  Water all trees and shrubs.  Water Bamboos if you have them.

March 1-15 Dunk mushroom logs.  Soak in a large bucket thirty minutes minimum per end.

March 15-22 Incorporate mulch into garden soil. Incorporate burn and return mix.  Incorporate dead leaf litter and whatever peat or coffee grounds you need for amendment.  Manure now if you use it.

March 22-30 Mulch coffee grounds around berries and brambles.  Renovate berries and brambles.

April  1-15 Prep garden beds and plant cold weather species.  If you live in a zone higher than 5 you should be pretty much all planted and gardening fully.

May 28 booty sock young set fruit.

If you have any additions or ideas please feel free to add them in the comments below.

Food security and beauty are an excellent mix.

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  1. Thanks for this schedule. We can do a lot of here where I live, EXCEPT water the trees, etc. We have a layer of frozen water at least 12 inches thick in spots, so for us it won't happen. I will do the manure in March if the ground isn't still frozen, though often we have to wait until late March for that.